About Forefront IP Lawgroup

FOREFRONT IP LAWGROUP® is a federally registered trademark of the Forefront IP Lawgroup of Christie & Rivera, PLLC.

Forefront IP Lawgroup provides IP-related legal services at an affordable rate. Depending upon your needs, those services may be offered at a hourly charge, an a la carte fee structure, or via a flat fee basis.

We are a fully modern office. As such, the best way to contact us is via email or the phone. Also, you can contact us via Skype, Linkedin, or Facebook. We cannot accept or send any faxes. We do not own a fax machine. If you need to deliver us a package, send us a check, or send us an original paper document, please use the mailing address provided below.

Forefront IP Lawgroup has its main offices in Austin, TX.


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Forefront IP Lawgroup of Christie & Rivera, PLLC
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